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Chiptuning Versus Tuningbox In English

Life is quite busy. I don’t know about you, but I am always on the go no matter where I am. On average, I probably spend over five hours a day in my sports car . Driving to and from work, restaurants etc. takes a lot of energy. If you live in New York then you know what I’m mentioning about. Forget making it anywhere in less than 30 minutes.

I usually have problems from overwhelming feelings of anger while sitting in traffic jam, a condition commonly known as traffic jam rage. Working is stressful enough, not to mention having to deal with my intimate friends.

Ever merge onto a highway? I usually cling to my wheel with a strong grip as trucks barrel past my modest Nissan. Ever think about weaving in and out of traffic control? There’s nothing like narrowly filling gaps to get an auto length in front of everyone else. It gives you that strange peace of mind. If you long for more engine power as you watch the Porsche pass you only to stop short and nearly cause an accident, don’t get panicked. Get a performance enhancment for your car.

I’m not talking about tuningboxes. Companies like MMC Autochip chiptuning make performance chip tunings that naturally unleash your engine’s full potential. Think of your car on steroids, only it’s totally legal. They don’t change your vehicle’s warranty because they comply with emission regulations overall. Dealers cannot void your warranty for using aftermarket equipment at all. They can however, give you problems if the part affects your emissions system like it did with other big names. The problem with performance exhausts and cold air intakes is that they affect your car’s airflow and leave you subject to a hefty fine once you get caught. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but cops in the U.S.A. are especially prone to ticketing modified cars.

Even though a performance enhancing chiptuning will cost you a few hundred dollars, but could save you at the pump as well. The chip tuning reprograms your car’s factory settings and tunes shift points, rev limits, axel ratio etc. for maximum output.

What improvements have I seen? Not, I’m not dating Sandra Bullock. I haven’t won anything on the lottery, and I still can’t beat that Porsche in a race. I can certainly see a difference in acceleration. My car used to lack when I’d slam on the gas pedal. Not only has my acceleration increased, I have been getting better gas mileage at the same time. I reset my odometer ever time I fill up the tank and I have been getting 2 more mpg which is not bad considering fuel prices. By far, the best benefit is increased power and acceleration for merging onto the freeway. Consider adding a performance enhancing chiptuning for a natural increase in power.

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